NIBI® Online Student Agreement

This agreement, between The National Institute of Building Inspectors® (NIBI®), a registered trademark of HI Training, LLC, licensed to Home Inspection Institute, LLC and Student (ST) is intended to confirm the Terms and Conditions for the use of the NIBI® Online Training Program.

For the applicable fee, NIBI will provide the ST with access to the NIBI Online Learning Program through the NIBI Online Institute. This program offers course modules covering issues related to the home inspection industry including residential construction materials and methods, model home inspection standards of practice, and general home inspection procedures.

While this program contains extensive information, ST acknowledges that it is not all-encompassing or technically exhaustive. To perform home inspections or pass home inspection exams, ST will likely need to supplement this training foundation with personal study and continuing education programs that provide additional information on residential construction and home inspections, including locally accepted and customary home inspection practices.

There are also laws set forth by many states, provinces, and/or municipalities regulating home inspectors and home inspection businesses. NIBI Online Courses may not meet the educational requirements necessary for home inspector certification or licensure, as may be required by local law. ST understands that it is his/her responsibility to verify approval or acceptability of any NIBI Online Courses for purposes of compliance with educational requirements or continuing education credits for certification or licensure requirements or membership in any organization. NIBI will periodically post the status of current approvals and credits for the NIBI Online Courses for review on its website; however, ST understands that these are subject to change and must be verified at the time of registration for current status.

A ST satisfactorily completing a course will be entitled to a Course Completion Certificate. However, ST agrees that a Course Completion Certificate does not indicate the ST has met all of the requirements of the optional NIBI® Certified Inspector Program. Accordingly ST agrees that no reference or representation will be made to third parties relative to NIBI certification, in any oral or written manner, including printed materials and promotional items, or in any other manner or format unless: (i) ST has completed all requirements for the NIBI Certified Inspector Program; (ii) is currently listed by NIBI as a “NIBI Certified Inspector;” and (iii) actively participates in the NIBI Continuing Education Program.

ST acknowledges that all proprietary NIBI Online Course information is provided for personal use and cannot be disclosed, copied or used, other than as a technical resource, without permission of NIBI/HI Training, LLC and HII, LLC. Furthermore, ST agrees the information provided by NIBI is not all inclusive and the review of other technical reference materials may be required in order to prepare for a career in home inspection or complete home inspector exams. ST is responsible for obtaining any and all such reference materials.

ST understands that enrollment in the NIBI Online Campus is for a limited time only. ST can re-register for courses not completed in the allotted time only upon payment of the applicable re-registration fee.

ST agrees to indemnify NIBI/HI Training, LLC and HII, LLC for any claims that might be brought forth against NIBI/HI Training, LLC, HII, LLC and/or any affiliated corporate entity resulting from ST acts, omissions or other actionable conduct, including, but not limited to, those alleging negligence or improper training.

Submission of the applicable course registration information and fee indicates ST has read the above Student Agreement in its entirety and understands and agrees to all Terms and Conditions.
Last modified: Sunday, 11 March 2018, 3:15 PM